dedicated to the treatment of fertility problems

About Reproductive Healthcare

In 1998, our founder Dr. Clement Ho pioneered the first non-hospital-based IVF clinic in Hong Kong. He subsequently incorporated and expanded his practice so as to meet the growing demand and to fulfil his vision of establishing a centre of excellence. Today, Reproductive Healthcare comprises a group of specialists in Reproductive Medicine, O&G, Embryology, Urology and other relevant specialties, and currently operates 2 clinics and 2 IVF laboratories in Hong Kong through Reproductive Healthcare Ltd and Victory A.R.T Laboratory Ltd, respectively.

We aspire to provide high quality services to all couples needing help on their journey towards parenthood. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through the following quality objectives:

  • Providing patient-centred and caring services;
  • Meeting all reasonable patient needs and expectations in service provision;
  • Providing services at fair cost, efficiently, effectively & reliably, in a professional & caring manner;
  • Meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements; and
  • Maintaining the professional skills of our staff by providing opportunities for continuing professional development, education and training.